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About us
About us

Weihai Winsea Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Weihai Winsea Biotech Co.,Ltd. was founded April 8, 2014, is by the Qingdao sea biological group and Weihai Weng Jia Bu Industrial Co., Ltd. joint venture joint-stock company, 30.8 million yuan registered capital, the company is located in Rushan City, Weihai, white beaches, Golden Bay Industrial Park, the main business is marine bio engineering technology development, a new type of marine biological products R & D, production and sales.

Companies rely on the Ocean University of China in the field of marine biotechnology research strengths and parent company of Qingdao sea creatures group industry advantage in the use of the living marine resources development, investment 120 million yuan building covers an area of 200 acres of marine biological resource industrialization demonstration base.

Base for the eastern Enteromorpha harmless treatment and resource use of the base, the base is built and put into use, in the coastal area of the Rushan outbreaks of Enteromorpha prolifera were rapid disposal and Enteromorpha prolifera was resource utilization, marine bio organic fertilizer and algae feed manufacturing, in addition to the Weihai area rich oyster shells and seaweed resources utilization, production soil conditioner new marine biological agricultural products. West base for the biological products production base, the main use of Rushan local rich fishery resources processing and oyster aquaculture water resources, preparation of fish protein peptide and oyster protein peptide with advanced biotechnology means of, high-end production animal nutrition products and human nutrition and health care products.

Company attaches great importance to scientific and technological personnel reserves, currently has 28 kinds of scientific research personnel, including 5 doctoral, master's 12. Companies to actively carry out "research" cooperation, with the Ocean University of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences process, Qingdao Agricultural University and other research institutions established long-term cooperative partnership, through collaborative innovation and transformation, and jointly promote the Weihai area of marine biological products emerging industries development, promote local economic, elongated Blue Economic and industrial chain.

Company in accordance with the "technical support, innovation and development, strict and moderate advance business model, high standards and a high starting point rapid advance scale production of Rushan series marine biological products, through a high level of marketing and technical service work, continue to expand the market of marine biological products, finished Rushan of marine biological products industry gathering area and products trading center, radiating Shandong Province and even the whole country, efforts to make contributions to the blue economic development in our country.